Pinar Yanardag

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Featuring a dress and a necklace generated by GANs -- made by human designers at Conference of the Future'19, Chile.


My principal research interest lies in developing deep learning approaches to enable human-AI collaboration, creativity and interpretability. My research is published at top computer science conferences such as NeurIPS, ICCV and KDD, and featured in mainstream media (e.g., The Washington Post, BBC, CNN) and magazines (e.g., Motherboard, Rolling Stone). For more information, see the Publications page.

Currently, I am leading a research lab at Bogazici University under the TUBITAK Outstanding Research Fellows program. Previously, I was a postdoctoral research associate at MIT Media Lab. I did my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Purdue, under the supervision of SVN Vishwanathan. During my Ph.D., I also spent time at Amazon (P13N team) and VMware. I received my Master’s degree from Bogazici University under the supervision of Ethem Alpaydin. During my graduate studies, I was supported by Fulbright PhD Fellowship and Google Anita Borg Scholarship.

I am also the founder of AI Fiction, a creative design studio specializing in artificial intelligence. Some of our work includes designing AI algorithms for HBO’s Westworld, for which I was a Creative Director nominee at 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards. I am also a fashion designer and co-founded GLITCH–the world’s first clothing line with fashion designs created by GANs and made in real life by human collaborators.

I regularly teach the course How to Generate (Almost) Anything which focuses on generative models and human-AI collaboration. I am also interested in teaching AI to fashion designers and taught a course at London College of Fashion called “AI & Fashion”. See Courses section for more information.

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Jan 22, 2023 Deep Empathy is featured on New York Times!
Aug 15, 2022 One paper is accepted to ECCV’22, two papers are accepted to WACV’23!
Apr 1, 2022 Invited talk at CMU Robotics Institute, watch live or visit on campus!
Mar 15, 2022 Invited talk at MIT EECS Vision & Graphics Seminar!
Feb 1, 2022 CATLAB undergraduate researchers Cemre and Eylul won the best senior thesis award! :sparkles:

selected publications

  1. ECCV
    FairStyle: Debiasing StyleGAN2 with Style Channel Manipulations
    Cemre Efe Karakas*, Alara Dirik*, Eylul Yalcinkaya, and Pinar Yanardag
    European Conference on Computer Vision 2022
  2. ICCV
    LatentCLR: A Contrastive Learning Approach for Unsupervised Discovery of Interpretable Directions
    Oguz Kaan Yuksel, Enis Simsar, Ezgi Gulperi Er, and Pinar Yanardag
    International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2021